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Children's camps

Active holiday in popular eco-style for young people – an international summer camp “Sparta” 2016 is located by the sea on the west coast of Estonia.

„Singing“ white sands of the beach, transparent sea waters, pine woods, lots of interesting activities, exciting adventures  and lots of new friends from all over the world!

Camp's motto: We say “NO” to passive lifestyle and “YES” to a healthy and active way of life!
The youth's summer vacation program has many different activities that allow the participants to rest and learn various different things without excessive costs. Here one never regrets that his (or her) summer holidays are worthlessly spent. Young people from all over the world (from France, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Russia, Georgia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Slovakia, Ireland, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, Greece, Turkey etc.) have previously taken part from this camp. It is a great opportunity to practice different languages. The camp's multicultural environment broadens one's mind and creates good basis for interaction between different languages and cultures. On top of everything everybody can make new friends from all over the world.

Present program enables youngsters to spend their holidays by actively taking part in various sports and entertainment activities (most of which are held in open air). Furthermore this project gives a chance to familiarize with Estonian history and nature, national games, ancient professions and traditions. Additionally the camp's program includes a sightseeing tour in Tallinn's Old Town and an excursion to Keila-Joa, sauna evenings, picnics and memorial tree planting. Geology related games in open air, forest orienteering and handicraft workshops (under the guidance of experienced instructors) make it a creative possibility for young people to spend their holidays.

Every person has creative potential that can be developed effectively during a systematic course of study. Abilities, skills and knowledge that are acquired during the camp's shift can successfully be utilized in school subjects and everyday life which result in a better outcome comparing to other adolescences at the same age.

This year we have planned six 10-day shifts. Our young, dynamic and volunteer youth leaders continuously invent new and intriguing activities. Definitely it is not going to be boring here and the vacation will be exactly how you expected it to be.

Project's purpose

Organizing a full-value summer vacation, strengthening teenagers physically, mentally and emotionally, improving creativity in youngsters.
Project's goal is to promote active and healthy lifestyles among our young and to enhance their resistance capability. Being in nature, various training types and sports competitions raise confidence, teach the value of teamwork and give knowledge how to overcome difficulties. In addition these are great and interesting ways to spend time. Every day offers new activities, discoveries and adventures as well as new friends.

Summer Shifts 2016
1.shift 27.06-08.07.2016
2.shift 07.07-18.07.2016
3.shift 17.07-28.07.2016
4.shift 27.07-07.08.2016
5.shift 06.08-17.08.2016
6.shift 16.08-27.08.2016

The Camp is located on Nõva Basic School's territory (
Address: Nõva vald, Läänemaa 91101, Estonia.
The village of Nõva is situated 80 km from Tallinn, away from industrial areas and in naturally clean forest region on the banks of the Baltic Sea.

Working languages: Estonian, Russian, English


The program